Don't despair!
    Cupid is here for you!

Cupid -4- Stupid is an application geared for men. This mobile application helps you to remember more than just her chest size - it keeps you out of the doghouse. It coaches you in your relationship and gives you a hand during those conflicting times. This is the perfect tool for those who are married or single. If you are a man, then this application is a must have.

Cupid-4-Stupid Features

Cupid's little secrets (Shh... Keep them secret!)

Help any man creatively and successfully pull off a perfect date.
  • Date Ideas to spice your date up!
  • Chick Flicks that she will love and won't make you sick
  • Recipies for Morons that are easy and fast to cook
  • Random Acts to stop the boring routine
  • Success Stories that will get you inspired
  • and more...

The "Little" Black Book

A separate discreet contact list to keep your valuable contact information
  • Password protected (just turn password on in settings)
  • Keep track of "important information"
  • Import already existen contacts from your device
  • Profile pictures can be taken with the camera or imported


A sophisticated event reminding system such as:
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Dates
  • and more...

Panic Button

  • Help you to get out of troubles with your couple
  • Provide you with ideas and advice


  • Android running software update 2.1+ or above.
  • Nook Color/Tablet running software update 1.4+ or above.

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